Before + After: Our Bedroom

It's blizzarding over here in NYC and the city is taking a snow day!  Gone are the days that I can completely take the day off but I have no shame admitting that I worked from bed today, and it was glorious.  

You might remember way back when Homepolish photographed our home (full tour here).  I wouldn't say our bedroom was even close to being finished for that shoot and it sort of stayed that way for more than a year.  BUT I got motivated, (sort of) got Jared's blessing, and finally finished.


Photo by  Claire Esparros  for  Homepolish  

Photo by Claire Esparros for Homepolish 


Tina Rich Bedroom After

Photo by Christian Torres 

The thing that drove me insane about this room is that the windows aren't centered in the room which means our bed couldn't be centered on the windows.  We chose sheer curtains from Restoration Hardware and ran them the legnth of the room, hoping they would blend into the wall and disguise the awkward window placement (did it work??).  We swapped out the lighting fixture, got new bedding from Parachute Home, and worked with Stitchd and Jordan Lee Rich on a custom slipcovered headboard.  And the result is dreamy, if I do say so myself. 

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