Florida Bathroom Re-Design

I'm working with my mom on renovating one of her bathrooms and I'm super excited to share the process!  This was my bathroom growing up so I'm sad to see it change (that's a total lie, the wallpaper from the 90's and laminate countertops have GOT. TO. GO.).  We knew we wanted to keep it neutral (with a pop of one of her favorite colors, purple or green).  We loved the idea of doing a floating marble vanity, round mirrors, and black or brass hardware.  I started by pulling some inspiration and landed on these images to guide the design.  

Design Direction

While in Florida, I visited Cement Tile Shop (my go-to for all things cement tile) to find a wall or floor tile for the project.  The moms and I both fell hard for this Moroccan tile and knew we had to have it!

Casablanca Green Tile

Cement tile can be used on both walls and floors so we needed to decide where to use it.  I gave her three design options (one suggesting a totally different tile in case the green was too much).  

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

She actually surprised me by choosing Option 3!  This tile on a wall is a bold move, mama, and I'm totally into it.  We'll be finalizing the rest of the finishes and fixtures soon so stay tuned for more of the process!