Before + After: Our Bedroom

It's blizzarding over here in NYC and the city is taking a snow day!  Gone are the days that I can completely take the day off but I have no shame admitting that I worked from bed today, and it was glorious.  

You might remember way back when Homepolish photographed our home (full tour here).  I wouldn't say our bedroom was even close to being finished for that shoot and it sort of stayed that way for more than a year.  BUT I got motivated, (sort of) got Jared's blessing, and finally finished.


Photo by  Claire Esparros  for  Homepolish  

Photo by Claire Esparros for Homepolish 


Tina Rich Bedroom After

Photo by Christian Torres 

The thing that drove me insane about this room is that the windows aren't centered in the room which means our bed couldn't be centered on the windows.  We chose sheer curtains from Restoration Hardware and ran them the legnth of the room, hoping they would blend into the wall and disguise the awkward window placement (did it work??).  We swapped out the lighting fixture, got new bedding from Parachute Home, and worked with Stitchd and Jordan Lee Rich on a custom slipcovered headboard.  And the result is dreamy, if I do say so myself. 

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Currently Coveting: Woven Rattan

I've been dreaming about our future dream house a lot lately.  Not a new apartment, but a HOUSE.  One that we can renovate, make our own, with a backyard and a nursery (I also have serious baby fever these days but that's another story...).  In my design day dreamzz, I have some really wild ideas for our house and one of them is woven rattan kitchen cabinets.  Say what?!!?!  The Cesca Chair really put woven rattan (or caning) on the map but it's being done in some seriously gorgeous ways these days.  A client recently told me that it reminded her of her grandma's house which is so true but also exactly why it's so freakin' amazing.  It's retro, it's chic, and I'm all about it.  


H Marketplace Picks

Homepolish has launched an online shop, H Marketplace, and I'm so excited to have some of our products included (here!!).  In honor of our launch, they asked me to curate a sale of my favorite pieces from their shop.  It was hard to chose just twelve, but here are my picks to create a dreamy room filled with natural materials, handmade pieces, and a touch of dusty pastels.  

Florida Bathroom Re-Design

I'm working with my mom on renovating one of her bathrooms and I'm super excited to share the process!  This was my bathroom growing up so I'm sad to see it change (that's a total lie, the wallpaper from the 90's and laminate countertops have GOT. TO. GO.).  We knew we wanted to keep it neutral (with a pop of one of her favorite colors, purple or green).  We loved the idea of doing a floating marble vanity, round mirrors, and black or brass hardware.  I started by pulling some inspiration and landed on these images to guide the design.  

Design Direction

While in Florida, I visited Cement Tile Shop (my go-to for all things cement tile) to find a wall or floor tile for the project.  The moms and I both fell hard for this Moroccan tile and knew we had to have it!

Casablanca Green Tile

Cement tile can be used on both walls and floors so we needed to decide where to use it.  I gave her three design options (one suggesting a totally different tile in case the green was too much).  

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

She actually surprised me by choosing Option 3!  This tile on a wall is a bold move, mama, and I'm totally into it.  We'll be finalizing the rest of the finishes and fixtures soon so stay tuned for more of the process!  

Take Me (Back) To: Scorpios

I've been dreaming of going to the San Giorgios Hotel in Mykonos for just about forever.  So when we planned our Grecian pre-wedding adventure with friends, I had to go to their sister spot, Scorpios.  I don't even know what to call it...a restaurant, lounge, beach bar...?? Whatever it is, IT IS MAGICAL.  It's got the natural, Greek isle vibe down.  If I came back as a space in my next life, I would want to be you, Scorpios.

Scorpios 8.jpg

Photos from Annabell Kutucu


I’m finally launching my website, people!  It’s still a work in progress (and knowing myself, always will be) but at some point you just have to release your work into the world no matter how scary that might seem or how imperfect you think it is.  Am I right?!?  I’ll be sharing my Interior Design work (portfolio coming soon!) and what goes on behind the scenes of my biz.  But what I’m most freakin’ excited and proud of is my new online shop.  I hope that someday soon it’ll be filled with lots of other home goodies but first, pillows….